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The First iPad with a 3nm Chip Expected to Launch as Soon as March

According to content published by the Apple fan online community, CAD drawings of the iPad Pro 2024 have been leaked. Based on the leaked drawings, the biggest change in the iPad Pro 2024 is a thinner body. Reportedly, the 11-inch version of the iPad Pro 2024 has a body thickness of 5.1mm, which is 0.8mm thinner than its predecessor; the 13-inch version has a body thickness of only 5.0mm, 1.4mm thinner than its predecessor. The significant slimming down of the iPad Pro 2024 is directly related to its first-time use of an OLED panel.

It is noted that Apple has applied OLED panels for the first time in the iPad Pro 2024, unlike the previous mini-LED panels. OLED does not require a backlight module and has self-illuminating properties, allowing for a thinner design and lower power consumption.